Acceptance Criteria

There are different definitions of the acceptance criteria but we will make it simple. This is defined by Google as“Pre-established standards or requirements a product or project must meet.” and by Microsoft Press as “conditions that a software product must satisfy to be accepted by a user, customer or other stakeholders.” It is a set of statements detailing a user story that will be tested once coded/developed to check if the feature is in accordance with the user needs. Acceptance criteria state the intent of the user (What) and not the solution (How). These are pass/fail tests that can specify both functional and non-functional requirements; there is no partial acceptance : the criterion is either met or not met. We recommend to use the Given/When/Then format as it makes acceptance criteria easy to understand and consistent. Ideally, the acceptance tests are subsequently automated by the developers so that they can easily run on all iterations of the software, ensuring that the accepted feature has not been broken by newer code.


User story: As a PayPal account holder I can withdraw my pending credit from PayPal so that I can have money in my bank account Acceptance criteria : I can see on my Paypal account that there is pending credit I can choose what amount of credit I want to withdraw

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