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Agile recognizes change, analyze it and embrace it

In Waterfall projects, change is immediately seen as additional costs, whereas Agile projects recognize change as inevitable and embrace change. It plays an important role in keeping the team motivated because instead of seeing change as an error, members of Agile teams know that perpetual change is part of the process and are not seeing change as a previous mistake but rather like continuous improvement.


Each iteration (sprint) provides a unique opportunity to refine and reprioritize the overall product backlog. A brand new item in the backlog can be planned for the next sprint, giving the opportunity to introduce changes in a matter of weeks. Teams can meet the needs of the customer without overspending.


Instead of projects being determined in details from the very beginning, change is part of Agile and is actually the very essence of it. Teams are adapting the priorities and features with direct customer insights and feedbacks to deliver more value. ​ ​


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