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Faster ROI

Projects generate more and more revenue throughout the process, not just at the end

Agile development starts early and can provide a functional ready-to-market product after the first sprint (usually takes a few). Business and technologies are moving fast and Agile helps you to stay ahead of your competitor by often giving the First Mover advantage.


The essence of Agile is to prioritize tasks in each sprint to deliver the most value to the business. But what’s more is that you can even test your new features, gauge customer reaction and know exactly which feature is most important to the client’s business, keeping you ahead of the competition, again.


Instead of shifting from 0 to highest in terms of business value like with Waterfall, Agile delivers business value from sprint 1 that will increase at every new sprint to finally reach maximal value (if maximal value can ever be reached !).


Agile is said to be cutting costs and time to market in half compared to Waterfall, while increasing product quality and customer satisfaction.


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