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Higher Product Quality

Allows teams to attain technological excellence, good design, and sustainable development

Requirements are defined and elaborated just in time so that the knowledge of the product features is as relevant as possible. The final product contains the most useful features that will deliver the most value to the business. Every single feature has a use and answers a user story.


Continuous integration and daily testing is part of the development process, allowing change and improvement when the topics are still fresh before issues occur.


Automated testing tools allow to develop during the day, test overnight and fix bugs & errors in the morning, ensuring product quality is maintained and the product is delivered in its optimum state.


Work is completed according to the following definition of done: Developed, Tested, Integrated and Documented.


Iterations allow teams to respond quickly and effectively to customer reaction.


The iterative process allows teams to focus on the topics of the current sprints and attain technological excellence, good design, and sustainable development.


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