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Higher Team Morale

Agile keeps teams motivated and develop the members' skills.

For team members, being part of a self-managing team allows them to be more innovative, creative and acknowleged for their expertise.

Cross-functional teams give a unique opportunity for each team member to learn new skills and grow by teaching others.

Agile offers just the right balance between collaboration and ownership. Every team member is empowered and is the expert for its own area of responsibilities but everytime a roadblock shows up, it is a common issue that the team needs to solve together.

It is appealing for millenials. Working Agile gives them a voice in the company that they should have worked for years to get in the old world. They particularly like the collaborative and fast-paced environment guided by a real vision that will be lived by the team.

Regular feedback from the customer or the market allows for personal and professional development. Each sprint is seen as a reward itself and keep the team motivated to continue moving forward.


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