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The History of Agile



The basis of Agility

Before being called Agile, some techniques were already in use in the 1970s and 1980s in famous innovative Japanese companies like Toyota, Honda, and Fuji.

守 破 離

The Quest of a New Way of Developing

Companies needed around 3 years from the validated business need to the release. This caused a lot of projects to abort before completion as well as failed products covering only a tiny part of the actual customer needs, we were talking about "application development crisis" or "application delivery lag".

SHU             HA              RI


Creation of Rapid Application Development (RAD)


Creation of Unified Process (UP) and Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM)



Creation of SCRUM

Creation of Extreme Programming (XP) and Crystal Clear

Creation of Feature-Driven Development


AGILE was born

17 software developers met in Snowbird, Utah to have an informal meeting about these new development methods. Together, they published the Manifesto for Agile Software Development. (Check it here: https://agilemanifesto.org/)

Commonly called the Agile Manifesto, this short document containing only 4 core values and 12 principles changed the entire development industry, giving teams more flexibility, more velocity, more agility.


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