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Increased Project Control

Iterative cycles offer more control over costs and deliver projects on schedule

Agile offers a unique opportunity for the customer to be involved and follow the project from the start to the delivery. This collaboration provides transparency for both side (customer and team) concerning what is expected and what is left to be done. The slight drawback of this transparency is that the customer needs to understand that they have access to a work in progress and not a completed project.


Using time-boxed sprints of the same fixed period of time allows new features to be released more quickly, with a high level predictability.


Each sprint being short with only a few very precise objectives to deliver is giving the opportunity to determine the cost and the added value of each feature which improves decision making regarding the priority of the features.


The value of each project is mesured in terms of costs and returns but with Agile, early returns can be calculated with low start investments and the company can decide whether or not the project worth to be developed.


Daily meetings, sprint plannings, sprint burndown charts, task boards and sprint retrospectives allow all the stakeholders to have visibility on the progress as well as keeping things in the right direction and will give more relevant metrics in terms of cost and time estimates. Agile gives a clear visual management of the project.


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