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Team Efficiency

Provides more synergies within the teams that will deliver with more velocity

The collaborative culture of Agile teams generate a ripple effect on efficiency as every member has a defined task while still living the product vision as a whole.


All stakeholders are empowered to make decisions and discuss it in the daily meetings, ensuring a quicker decision process than with Waterfall. As opposed to Waterfall, change will only deliver more value rather than generating high costs because of a change in the project.


Great amounts of time are spared on the technical documentation as it is formulated as user stories and test cases instead of hundreds of pages of documentation that have to be approved. User stories also ensure a proper, useful and maintained documentation throughout the whole process. The milestones are actual working features rather the creation of technical documentation in Waterfall.


The incremental nature of Agile projects and short sprints make the team complete work in shorter time as well as keeping each member of the project motivated with regular rewards (end of sprint).


Agile development allows a gain of 16% in productivity on average compared to Waterfall projects.


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